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Anish Bajracharya

Associate Digital Product Manager, Howard Delafield International (HDI)


As HDI’s Digital maestro, Anish supports the adaptation of Go Nisha Go game for Nepal. He is well versed in human centred design practices, especially journey mapping, allowing him to iterate and finetune processes and interactions that empathise with end users. 


Anish Bajracharya has been practising interdisciplinary design since 2016. Originally a graphic designer for interactive design agencies, Anish upskilled to User Experience and Interaction design, creating a work process between static and interactive disciplines. 


With over 7 years of prototyping experience in tactile and digital products, Anish has helped clients conceptualise and visualise their ideas to make informed decisions. He has applied his knowledge to sectors from soft goods, board games, development and more.


With roots in graphic design and applied arts, Anish loves working hands-on, whether it be crafting his own furniture, speakers, lights or capturing the views from his trips on his tiny sketchbooks.

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