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Asha Basnyat

Nepal Team Lead for the ARH Project and HDI Country Director for Nepal


Asha is HDI’s country director for Nepal, bringing with her over 30 years of experience in program development, design, implementation, strategic planning, and management. She has worked in the public sector, with NGOs, uniformed services, and private sectors across Asia, Africa, and the USA. Asha has worked around the globe as a Country Director, Deputy Country Director, Chief of Party, and Deputy Chief of Party.

Asha has managed both large- and small-scale programs, demonstrating her experience in handling human resources, operations, project transitions, start-ups, and close-outs. She has expertise in prevention and care programming for HIV, harm reduction, anti-trafficking, and related behavioral research. Additionally, Asha has experience in capacity building of public sector, NGO/CBOs, civil society sectors, and strengthening systems. She also has expertise in health systems strengthening and service delivery for vulnerable groups and communities, as well as resilient community development program planning, management, and implementation.

In her free time, Asha loves spending time with her grandchild and traveling every chance she gets.

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