Cynthia Hannah

Sr. Advisor, Communications & Creative

Cynthia Hannah guides communication at Howard-Delafield International and is currently the lead story shaper for the consultancy’s Game of Choice, Not Chance Project.

A practitioner guided by the principles of communication for social change, Cynthia uses communication to support organizations and initiatives committed to doing social good. She works across disciplines, sectors, and geographies to provide communication strategy design and tool development, brand building and stewardship, creative direction, and writing. Prior to joining the HDI team, she spent several years leading communication efforts at the Center for Research on Health in Latin America, an infectious and chronic disease research center jointly operated by The Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, and the Infectious Disease Research Institute at Ohio University, and has crafted communications and brand identities for brands based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Inspired by the potential of open spaces, Cynthia appreciates broad-minded people and fenceless places.