We combine local and global knowledge to solve problems

Our expertise.

We address challenges big and small using behavioral science and creative thinking

At Howard Delafield International, we collaborate across fields and sectors to combine theories from the behavioral and social sciences with principles and best practices from game-based learning, human-centered design, social marketing, and entrepreneurship to help organizations generate new ways to take on pressing health and environmental issues, both globally and locally.

We scale and sustain the innovations we help our clients create through strong partnerships and strategies for skills building, capacity-strengthening, and engagement at the country- and community-levels.





Media and


Marketing and market-based applications

Scale and sustainability

What we do

Behavioral science

We use expertise in the behavioral sciences to produce insights that inform and inspire our creative approach to addressing challenges and solving problems.

Catalyzing problem-solving with research

Game-based learning

We employ serious games and gamification for behavior change, learning, and development.

Using play strategically

Media and communication

We use communication and the media arts to influence beliefs, attitudes, and social norms.

Creating for positive change

Marketing and market-based applications

We combine creativity, entrepreneurial and market know-how to develop solutions informed by people’s lived experiences, needs and aspirations.

Putting people at
the center since 1995

Scale and sustainability

We scale and sustain initiatives through strong partnerships, skills development, and community engagement.

Collaborating to achieve lasting impact


Creating together

Learn how we can apply our integrated approach to the challenges your organization has set out to tackle.