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Paarash Jung Kadel.png

Paarash Jung Kadel

Partnerships and Direct to Consumer Manager, Howard Delafield International (HDI)


At HDI, Paarash brings a multi-sector experience to foster new and lasting relationships with partners and stakeholders. Having previously worked in banking, automotive, real estate, and e-commerce industries, he brings in a fresh perspective to drive the Game of Choice, Not Chance forward.

Paarash holds an MBA degree from the Asian Institute of Technology with a major in Marketing and Strategy. During his time with Daraz, Nepal’s leading E-commerce company, he led the company’s overall rebranding project in 2022 and helped build strategic partnerships with Nepal Olympic Committee, Coca Cola and Ncell. He has also led the company’s flagship campaigns like 11.11 while handling several branding assignments. 
Paarash likes to think of himself as an explorer and has been to Germany, Thailand, India and the Middle East as part of his academic and professional voyages. Over the years, he has developed a keen fondness towards branding and marketing and loves to spend his time reading about innovation, interesting creatives, and novel advertisement campaigns.  

In his leisure time, he enjoys traveling, playing football, brewing a delicious cup of latte, listening to podcasts, and taking time out for his family.

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