Sylvia Delafield


Co-founder and Director of Howard Delafield International (HDI), Sylvia Delafield specializes in international project management, capacity building, private sector partnerships and coalitions, marketing and communications, and workplace program and policy initiatives.

Sylvia supports and scales-up public health, environmental, human rights, cross-cultural programs, security, anti-violence and trafficking initiatives and has applied her expertise worldwide including in Nepal, Indonesia, India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Micronesia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Malawi, Guyana/the Eastern Caribbean, and the U.S. (Hawaii/the DC Metro area).

At HDI, Sylvia directs creative teams and collaborates with government, donors, diplomats, local and international NGOs, businesses, media, and educational organizations around the globe to help improve and save lives. She has a passion for helping others build their capacity in partnerships, fundraising, cause-related marketing and engaging local and international companies and foundations to help launch, scale up and sustain their programming.
Currently, Sylvia is serving as the Partnership Lead for Game of Choice, Not Chance, a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Approaches to Fertility Awareness and Adolescent Reproductive Health grant through USAID. She also provides technical support for ACCELERATE, a USAID- funded project that is focusing on improving child and maternal health outcomes in 25 priority countries by aligning health programming using behavioral outcomes to maximize investments and accelerate impact.
Sylvia has a B.A. from Boston University’s College of Communication, where she also studied abroad in Japan and received her Master’s Degree in Communication (focus on cross-cultural) from the University of Hawaii.  She also served as the Director of Marketing for a Dai-Ichi Hotel in Indonesia,  Manager of Corporate Partnerships for The Nature Conservancy’s Asia Pacific Region, and currently is a member of the Boston University’s Global Development Policy Center’s Advisory Board.