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Preserving our home


The Nature Conservatory



The Nature Conservancy (TNC), which helps address climate change as well as preserving and protecting land and water, have projects around the globe that include local partners. TNC relies on donors, including the private sector (corporate, foundation, and individuals) as well as government funders to support their efforts. Local partners in Indonesia and Palau had limited experience in fundraising and forging partnerships with the private sector.


To address the needs in the Indonesia and Palau programs, in person training modules were developed and presented to the local teams to develop private sector strategies and identify potential donors and partners. In addition to action plans and presentations for potential donors, the teams were provided with assistance in marketing their programs as well as forging cause-related marketing programs.


In Indonesia, the local team increased their skills, and were able to make presentations to private sector donors that led to significant funding. Likewise, in Palau, the team increased their skills in partnerships and marketing and they were able to help the Palau government with their own fundraising initiative to engage individuals in Palau to help mitigate the damaging effects of climate change of their delicate and fragile environment.

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