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Yash Chauhan

Associate Product Manager, Howard Delafield International (HDI)

At HDI, Yash helps shape up the Game of Choice, Not Chance and the upcoming Game for boys. His multicultural exposure and cross-disciplinary knowledge allow him to empathise and connect deeply with people from different socio-economic backgrounds.


He is a creative problem-solver with an emphasis on user-centered design, Yash's passion lies at the intersection of design, technology and business.


Prior to this, Yash contributed to building a B2B API based product for user income/employment verification and designed a user-friendly IOT-based hydroponics planter for urban dwellers with NOCT Studio. He has creatively directed White Papers and Digital Toolkits for Platformation Labs for the benefit of Policy leaders and Fortune 500 CEOs.


Yash unwinds by spending time with his two puppies, watching a film or cruising down a road on his skateboard.

The road less travelled 

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